My name is Tommy Broekman, but most people online know me as ToTheTop or Tommeh. I am 26 years old and work as an IT-Event Specialist for the biggest esports company in the world, ESL. Trough ESL I am fortunate enough to travel the world and work, learn and spend time with some of the best people that work in esports. I am still pretty new, but I learned that trough hard work you can achieve everything you want.

Next to my work I enjoy playing video games and will occasionally stream on twitch. On this site you will see me mostly post about my every day life, as well as giving my thoughts on things like esports and IT.

Lastly, this site is my personal bubble. I do this foremost for my self.  I might not always interest you and it is oké to criticize me, but please always be positive. I am here to learn and become a better person, so please keep that in mind.