Lately I haven’t really found the time and energy to sit down and write anything, but I really felt like I couldn’t let this one go. It was my first time in the west-coast of America after all. Something way different from my visits in Texas and New York, but honestly a real pleasure to visit and see the things you see in movies in real life.

First major stop for me was the Santa Monica Pier. A pier that has a lot of memories as I spend countless of hours on it in games such as Grand Theft Auto. We visited in the night, which gave the pier a beautiful and mysterious look and while the theme park was sadly closed the amount of entertainers and little shops made up for it. The whole vibe on the pier was amazing and I definitely recommend it as a to-go spot. Another great thing about the pier is the amount of Pokemon that show up in Pokemon GO. As an avid player it was absolutely insane that I could literally sit down and spin & catch Pokemon non-stop, which is rare thing for Europeans.My second time off was a day in San Francisco. A place that you couldn’t really explore fully in one day, but somehow we made it work. We traveled to the city by Uber and by luck our driver was an amazing guy, who explained us all the in and outs of were to eat and go. He even offered us to drive down Lombard street, which in our minds was a great experience on its own. He dropped us of at Fisherman’s Warf and suggested we should go to Boudin’s Bakery for some authentic clam chowder. When arriving inside of the bakery we were greeted by this amazing smell of freshly baked bread and oh my we were in for a treat. I have heard about it being good, but it was absolutely amazing. The bread was super fresh and the clam chowder was so good and much that I felt super bad when I wasn’t able to finish it.
Our second stop was the golden gate bridge.  This 1600 meter long bridge has been on my list for pretty much my entire life and I was surprised how big it was in real life. Of course I made the biggest rookie mistake ever and decided it would be a cool idea to walk over it to the other side for a better viewing angle, but even though it was a bit of a stretch it was worth it to see how the bridge is constructed from up close.  However if you are thinking about going over it. You can rent a bike for cheap.

After that we had a few more things on our list. Firstly we went to Pier 39 to watch the sea lions. I expected to  see a few of them, but we were greeted by around 30-50 of them laying around sunbathing. Cool thing about these sea lions is that they are wild and are able to live really close to civilization without being bothered at all.  We walked around a little bit more and after that went to the Twin Peaks. Our friendly Uber driver suggested to make this stop even though it would take some time, but the view was amazing and I wouldn’t have want to miss this for a million.

After all of that we decided to go to the city center for dinner and some shopping.  We decided to go to the Westfield mall, which is a really nice and huge mall. We even found out that they had a Razer store in the mall, were we decided to hang out for a bit playing video games with the locals till it was time to go home.

All in all I had a great experience and I would love to go back one day, as I still have a lot of places on my list I wish to visit. The people were all extremely friendly and the whole atmosphere made this one of my favorite yet.