What a week and what a city. I don’t know what it is with America, but every time I am there I get so hyped up and excited. I really wish I took some more days off, but that one day off was already a bliss.

The event itself was pretty though. Brooklyn got hit with a huge internet outage and so we made some really long days as IT. The rest of the event went flawless and I have to give some really big credits to my colleagues for that as well. The stage itself looked beautiful and the crowd really made it one of those events I will never forget and hopefully I can come back there next year.

For the day off we decided to visit a few places. First of all we all wanted to go to the Nintendo store, which while visiting really felt like I was back in a childhood dream. The store was amazing and I honestly spent a lot of my money on buying stuff, but for me it was totally worth it. Next up we went to Rockefeller center and the Lego store, which was cool and all, but not comparable to the central park we visited next. Central park is such a strange place to visit after a week of hearing the constant noise you have in New York.  It is just silence with beautiful nature, animals and people taking a breather out of their daily routine. Honestly one of the best places to visit while you are there. Lastly we went to Time Square. We went by during the day, but decided to come back in the evening when the lights are far more impressive and damn what were we right. Honestly a really weird experience and while being there you just have to take 10 minutes and look around you. It might be a commercial overkill, but all the lights make it worth it and a good way to end the day.

On the last day before going back me and my colleagues decided to go for Ramen. We went for this really authentic little place and holy moly. I wish I knew this place on the first day. The food was amazing and we chowed down on it till the last bite. Just looking back at the picture, I really have to go back and eat there again, but it made for a really amazing meal before stepping into the plane and flying back to Europe 🙂