Review: Celeste for the Nintendo Switch

After 21 hours, 1262 deaths and 3 attempts to delete the game from my switch I finally fished the game today. Now this might sound terrible to the average gamer, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. I just wish I wasn’t terrible at it.

Now before we start; yes, I used assist mode to help me get through it, but to be honest the game was just to hardcore and punishing for me without it. Another positive thing about assist mode for me is that it gave me the options to explore a bit more in the level, then what was normally possible for me without it. The levels itself are punishing and require pin point accuracy to get through, which makes for engaging and super rewarding gameplay. Every time I came out of a chapter it felt like I just won another world war. Only to be greeted by a bigger and harder chapter to plow through next.

The story itself is beautiful and actually made me cry through the last 2 chapters. It is such a compelling story and I honestly hope we get to see it evolve into a sequel. The side characters were hilarious and uplifted the story super well. Theo, is my absolute favorite and I even found out that you can find all the pictures taken in the story on his own instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theounderstars/, which is some nice interaction from the makers outside of the game!

All in all, I really enjoyed this game and can’t wait for a sequel. Matt Thorson and Noel Berry really hit it out of the park with this game. So all I could do is give it a 9/10.

Review: Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch

When they first announced the new Mario game I made a really loud squeal as a girl that just got asked by her crush to marry him. Mario is not just a game for me. It is something I grew up with and enjoyed for countless of hours with my dad and friends. The trailers got me even more excited and the whole thing screamed Mario64 to me. This game was one of my favorites and go-to games out of my youth and made me go into a blind preorder, before any reviews came out.

Sadly even though I preordered it. I was forced to wait with playing the game till I was back from my event in Hamburg. Something that was extremely hard as all my friends were freaking out over it on social media, but holy moly the wait worth it. From the moment I clicked on start game. I got sucked into a world were I played the game with a huge smile on my face. The game feels and plays just as how I remembered it in my youth and the beautiful graphics and different worlds make me want to continue playing it even far after I told myself to go to bed. The worlds feel alive and make you want to explore every single centimeter of it to find hidden secrets. The gameplay itself is even better. I am not sure what it is, but the controls feel extremely smooth and responsive and the huge amount of different combinations and moves make you constantly learn and find new ways to get to places you couldn’t go before. That combined with the uniqueness of every world and boss keeps making you run into new problems and puzzles for you to solve.

I got a decent amount of hours in to the game and I am not even half way trough it. I keep on finding new things to do that distract me from finishing the world and every little part of it feels rewarding. Overall this game is amazing and I can only rate it a 9+ for it. I honestly hope Nintendo will keep this quality of games up in the future.